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Current Project: Donate school supplies to homeless children and from 2013, provide Tuition Scholarships to homeless and other children. Specifically,

The 2013-14 donation drive supported:

  • School Supplies for:
    • 400 Homeless kids in Manor
    • 200 to 475 Homeless kids in Austin*

Our new initiative is:

  • Tuition Scholarships for:
    • Memorial Vocational Tuition Scholarships for children who are econimically disavantaged.

Long term goal: Overall education of homeless children across the US. This would include tutoring, merit-based scholarships and other forms of aid to help ensure the future of our country get the education they deserve.

HC4A is Coordinating its efforts with The National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY) and Texas Homeless Education Office and other State and National Education offices.

The donation collected by any community is distributed in the same community, and not pooled at national level. Separate accounting is implemented for each community. Excess donations can be used for emergency plea from schools or rolled over to the next year.

Our vision is that we support the communities we live in and further, we teach our children to give. The birthday giving program has been established to encourage our children, in lieu of a present, donate $25 to HC4A to be used to support homeless children in that community.