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Please select where you would like to donate to:

The 2014-2015 donation drive is to support:

  • School Supplies for Austin Area Schools
  • Memorial Vocation Tuition Scholarships for Austin are kids who were are economically disadvantaged


School Supplies for Austin Area school

Tution Scholarship
Scholarship in Memory of


We are sold out! Please call 512.994.4638 for Ticket Availability!





Hindu Charities is  also recognized by the following companies and some of them match the employee contributions:



All these companies do Matching Grants – which means that your $100 will be matched by $100 from them. In other words, your total donation/contribution to HC4A amounts to $200.

If your company has payroll or other charitable program, please help us so that we can list HC4A as a charity. Please contact us.

We are constantly updating this page as more & more corporations extend their support for various HC4A activities. So please check out this page regularly.


You can also donate in lieu of any occasion in your family – such as birthdays, weddings, etc. Pleas contact us for specifics.


You may also mail in your donation, make the donation out to HC4A and mail to:

Hindu Charities for America

2701 Glenwood Trail